Your IP Has Been Temporarily Blocked [Tricks to Unblock It]

Your IP was temporarily blocked’ issue isn’t often encountered, but it can block users from accessing websites whenever it happens. It could be because you’ve tried to log in several times or violated the rules of service, for example, posting content that is not approved by the site.

Whatever the reason the reason, our guide will teach you 10 methods to deblock the IP addresses of your friends.

Your IP Has Been Temporarily Blocked

Every internet-connected device has an unique IP address, which permits devices to be connected and communicating with one another. If an internet servers blocks the IP address your device isn’t capable of accessing a specific website. The blockage will be temporary and can last for until 24 hours.

How to tell whether your IP address is blocked on a site: Go to the website on another device to verify that you’re blocked temporarily. If you’re able access the site from another device, this is a indication that your IP address has been blocked.

Why Is My IP Address Blocked?

What is the reason why you unable to access your internet? There are several possibilities to explain it:

  • Multi-logins Many websites have limited trial periods when you log into. If you go over limits, site will stop you from accessing the internet. This way, websites can stop hacker attacks.
  • Ban on a country If you’re in a nation that is blocked by a website that’s banned, you won’t be allowed gain access to it.
  • Error response codes that are repeated A string of error codes, such as 403 or 5XX can get the IP address blocked.
  • Rules violations If you violate the rules of a website, such as posting content that is inappropriate your firewall can stop the IP of your computer.
  • Unsuspicious activities If a site alerts you to suspicious activity it will stop the IP address of your computer.
  • Cookie issues If your cookies aren’t working The browser won’t be able to recognize accounts on server.
  • Port scanning is regarded as an unsavory activity since hackers employ port scanning to gain access to information.

10 Tricks to Unblock Your IP Address

This temporary block should clear within 24 hours. If you’re in a rush and require access to the website right away, or if your IP has been locked for an extended time Here’s how to proceed when your IP address has been blocked.

Wait for Some Time

If you attempt to login multiple times using incorrect credentials, you’ll be suspended until 24 hours. If the 24 hours are up it is possible to login again. Also, you can check the terms of service on the website for more details.

Find the Reason Why It Is Blocked

Before you can resolve the issue, first figure out the reason why your IP address was blocked. Be aware that different solutions may be needed for various causes of blockage. For instance blocking due to limitations on the country’s borders will require the use of a different method than a block due to rules violations.

It’s also essential to know what you’ve done to violate the site’s policy. For that, go to the footer of the website in which its policies are usually in the footer section.

Use a VPN

As mentioned earlier websites can stop your internet connection because of an international ban. To get around this restriction you must use an VPN to conceal the address of your computer. It will allow you join the site, as you’ll appear to be coming from other area.

There are no cost VPNs however a paid one is more likely to assure your IP address remains hidden. When you sign up to an VPN and you are allowed to access the site that was preventing access. If you’re not sure what to look for in a VPN service, take a look at our list of 10 top VPN provider.

Make Sure Your Network and Mail Server Are Properly Configured

The blocking that your Internet address is blocked could also be due to numbers or letters that aren’t in the correct position. This is why your network and mail server need to be correctly set up. Contact the blacklist and request to be removed from the list.

Connect to a New Wi-Fi Network

Another option to consider is connecting to a different Wi-Fi network. Connecting to a different Wi-Fi connection will give you an IP address that is different. This can be a quick fix to gain access to the site that blocked your access.

Contact the Webmaster

If you’ve looked up the terms of service on the website and are sure that you’ve not violated the rules You can reach out to the webmaster for specific details about the reason why they’ve blocked your access.

The webmaster should be able to inform you what the next step should be in blocking your IP and getting access to the site.

Check If Your IP Is Blacklisted

A lot of websites are on public IP blacklists to stop hackers from using their services, and keep spammers out. For more information on how to determine whether your IP address is blocked, go to WhatIsMyIPAddress and click Find IP Address. Your address will be completed and you can be able to see if your IP is on the lists.

Update Your Computer

If your PC hasn’t been recently updated then you’re at risk of malware that can result in your Internet connection being blocked. When you update your computer to the latest version, you’ll improve the security and usability of your computer.

To see if there are any updates that are installed go to Settings, choose Update and Security and then Windows Updates. If you are a Mac users, open the System Preferences and click on the App Store and then click choose the Show Updates option..

Once the update is complete after which you can wait for one day before trying to access the site that blocked you.

Check for Malware

It is recommended to run regular antimalware programs on your computer particularly when your IP address is temporarily blocked. If your computer is hacked hackers could utilize it to send out create spam or Denial of Service (DoS) attacks.

Even if you stay on the hook for period of 24 hours and your suspension is lifted a good chance that you’ll be blocked again unless you resolve the problem. To check your Windows PC, simply click Start then type’security’ and then click Windows Security. In the last step, click the Virus and Threat Protection.

Reboot your computer into secure mode. On Mac and then search for the malicious application and then throw it away in the garbage.

Change Your IP Address

The change in IP address is possible through network connection settings or by signing up for the VPN service.

To access Windows computers, open your Control Panel and click on the menu Internet and Network. Internet. Choose Network Connections and it will show all network adapters and then select the one whose IP address you would like to change.

The steps you need to take to change the IP address of your Mac are as follows:

  • Click on Systems Preferences and choose the Network;
  • Click the Advanced button and then click the TCP/IP tab;
  • To change the configuration of TCP/IP Click on the + symbol;
  • Click Manual Select Manual, then input the IP settings.

If you’re using either an iPhone or Android phone or an Android phone, an VPN application will allow you to choose a location that has the IP address.

Use a Free Proxy Server

You can use an unpaid proxy server if you do not need to purchase an VPN. The proxy is one which serves as an intermediary for the internet and the website or page the user is trying to access. The proxy conceals your IP address, thereby giving you greater privacy and independence.

Keep in mind that a lot of websites or services have proxy server information and stop public proxy servers’ IP addresses. If they find your IP address, you’ll receive messages informing you that “the owner of this website has banned your IP address.” Keep to your heart that you must not enter any personal data when surfing with proxy servers.

Bottom Line

Webmasters are able to decide who is allowed access to their websites. They can impose geo-restrictions to limit access for users from specific countries. However, this blockage could occur due to multiple logins or in violation of the rules of the site. In these instances our suggestions above can be of help.


How do I unblock my IP address?

To remove your IP address from blocking go on the website, select networking > access control. Then, from the block IP Addresses section choose the IP you would like to block.

What’s the reason why my IP address is being blocked?

You’ll receive the message ‘Your IP was temporarily blocked’ warning when you’ve attempted to login multiple times on a website, acted against the site’s policies, or received an array of error codes.

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